What’s Up With This Generation?

Don’t let these new beliefs, movements, pop culture, social media, etc fool you, many  young adults are depressed, battling anxiety, addictions, etc just coping through websites and streaming services. Hanging on with incredible strength. What you may see as weird behavior are defense mechanisms as what was purported to protect them, provide them peace, happiness and meaning failed. Yet none of their elders want to admit that.  They don’t need judgement, they need patience, willingness to understand and love. They inherited a world nobody really took good care of, that was hoisted up by half truths and wishful thinking,  they breathe industrial age air, maneuver through space age waste and become paralyzed by information age options. They bear the trauma of every generation before them. They don’t need anyone to bash them, they need the older generations  to say we’re sorry, and we’re listening, because everything hinges upon what this generation does. 

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